Saturday, 19 November 2016

Past Time to Stop the Insult Findmypast

It's over a month since Findmypast blew it by listing a new collection of Canadian records accompanied by a US flag. They moved to add "US & Canada family history" to the front page and sent an apology. But it's only skin deep. Go to the A-Z of records catalogue listing and nothing has changed. All Canadian records are listed under United States. Would it be that much more difficult to make it "United States and Canada" there too?

The major addition by Findmypast this week, over 2 million records, should have been opened in the 1939 Register when it was appeared a year ago. They were kept back when FMP failed to correlate death registrations with the Register entries.

Also new this week is a collection of Irish Directories. Specifically:

The Treble Almanac: 1802-1844, which comprises three separate sources: John Watson Stewarts Almanack, The English Court Registry (until it ceased publication in 1837), and Wilson’s Dublin Directory.
Thom's Irish Almanac: 1844-1900, the best known directory in Ireland.
Pettigrew & Oulton's Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland: 1834-1850 which contains a street-by-street listing of residents of Dublin. 


M. Diane Rogers said...

I've been complaining about this ever since FindMyPast came to North America. I continue to be surprised that FMP higher ups paid so little attention in school to British colonial history - (or Canada's helping them out). But then, FMP is not alone in its geographical/political confusion.
But maybe we should just annex that southern territory that the Brits gave up on. We could give most of North America all one new name, preferably reflecting the shared heritage of those here first.

Celtictwigs said...

Annexation may just solve the current US problem. LOL

Philip Noël said...

I just posted on their Facebook page requesting that FMP correct this. Maybe if enough people post on their FB page, they might take action. Maybe.

deftconsult said...

I agree - also left a comment on their site.