Thursday, 17 November 2016

Further YouTube videos from GGI2016

Two new videos have been posted by Maurice Gleeson on talks given in Dublin last month at Genetic Genealogy Ireland.

First, from Jennifer Zinck, Investigating Family History Mysteries with DNA: The Tools

"This is a must-see presentation for anyone who wants to dig a bit deeper into their autosomal DNA results. Jennifer presents a variety of different tools that can prove useful in analysing your results, organising them so you can easily keep track of what you are doing, and optimising your chances of making a breakthrough in your own family tree research."

Second, from Peter Sjölund, Viking DNA in Ireland. Do you have some and where did it come from?
"Peter runs the Swedish DNA Project which currently boasts over 4000 members. He will reveal how to recognise if your DNA is of Viking origin. He will also will trace the DNA of the Vikings back to different parts of Scandinavia and all the way back to when people first colonised Scandinavia at the end of the Ice Age. If you suspect you are a Viking, this is for you."

A reminder that today, 17 November, is the last day to view Five Tips to Make Sense of your DNA Testing by Diahan Southard at Diahan will be speaking in Edmonton next April.

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Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed this entire series. Thank younso much for callingnthem tomour attnetion.