13 November 2016

GGI 2016: Latest Developments in Y-DNA

Feedback at Saturday's BIFHSGO meeting was that folks appreciate genetic genealogy related information  on the blog. So I'm especially pleased to be posting a link to another YouTube video from a presentation at Genetic Genealogy Ireland last month.

Latest Developments in Y-DNA by John Cleary impressed me as a particularly well organized presentation when I heard it in Dublin. Here's the description:

Recent years have seen a huge explosion in the number of DNA markers available for testing on the Y-chromosome. And as more and more people have taken up these advanced tests, our knowledge of the Human Evolutionary Tree has expanded. Not only that, but the new SNP results (in combination with pre-existing STR data) are creating branching patterns within surname projects and helping our understanding of the evolution of surnames within Ireland. John summarises these recent advances and shows us where they might lead.
John, who is a pleasure to talk with should you ever get the opportunity, called this a more introductory level talk that the one he gave at Who Do You Think You Are? Live in Birmingham earlier this year (on YouTube in three parts here, here and here). I suspect some will still consider this to be at a rather more advanced level than they would want to tackle. It depends on how keen you are to pursue your Y-DNA paternal ancestry.

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