Thursday, 28 June 2018

Nursing Sisters of the Canadian Army Medical Corps in the First World War

A two-part blog post from Library and Archives Canada is about the more than 3,000 nurses who served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps, including 2,504 who went overseas.
Part one describes the overall situation for nurses and nursing while part two is about the 21 who died in service from enemy action.
Although nurses generally did not serve near the front lines. Most were posted well back from the front lines, working in general or convalescent hospitals. On occasion they were at the Casualty Clearing Stations as described in part one. BIFHSGO has a project on No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station.
The image is Personnel riding bicycles, No. 6 Canadian General Hospital, Troyes, France, June 2, 1917. Photograph Album of Alice E. Isaacson, R11203-01-E (e002283123)

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