Friday, 1 June 2018

Internet Genealogy, June/July 2018

Here's the line-up in the latest issue of Internet Genealogy from Moorshead Magazines.

Inklings, Hunches, and Sneaking Suspicions 
Sue Lisk shows you how to deal with those strange notions that present themselves during your online family history research
Comment: Another well written article by Sue Lisk inspired me to think differently about an upcoming presentation.

Diane L. Richard looks at why crowdsourcing has become such a valuable benefit to the genealogy community
Comment: A four page tabulation of crowdsourcing transcription (mainly) projects, both current and completed. It's acknowledged to be incomplete and there are Canadian projects not included that immediately come to mind—Project Naming and Co-Lab from Library and Archives Canada and TONI from the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Who Were Those Brave Young Men? 
Constance R. Cherba highlights online sources used to research the lives of five WWII soldiers who sacrificed all for their country

Did a Meteorite Land Near Your Ancestor’s House?
David A. Norris examines how meteors may have played a part in your family history
Comment: An example of David Norris' knack of writing articles on offbeat genealogical topics.

Scottish Tax Rolls 
David A. Norris looks at a comprehensive substitute for census rolls when researching Scottish ancestors

Lineal Links 
Joe Grandinetti investigates Ireland’s Virtual Record Treasury: Beyond 2022
Comment: Can they put Humpty Dumpty together again?

Topsy-Turvy To-Dos 
Sue Lisk offers five quick tasks to do when you need a break from the more challenging aspects of research
Comment: Save on pain killer, and pain, by stopping banging your head on the brick wall.

REVIEW: Scrivener 3 
Lisa A. Alzo reviews the new and improved features of Scrivener 3 for Mac

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Tony Bandy reviews an online service that allows users to upload media, write stories and share them easily
Comment: Free basic level service. Check out TSOLife on YouTube for inspiration.

A Look at Genlighten 
Diane L. Richard looks at a unique and affordable family history service
Comment: One source for finding independent research professionals. Very limited outside the US—you're probably better off searching lists of professional society members in the country of interest.

Back Page 
Dave Obee looks at getting the most from online newspapers

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