Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Speakers at THE Genealogy Show

I previously mentioned that two new genealogy events are planned for the UK in 2019.

Coming on a year before the event I received an email from organizers THE Kirsty Gray and Sylvia Valentine drawing my attention to an addition to the line up of speakers at their event in Birmingham next year, THE Genealogy Show (also Facebook link).

The most recently announced speaker is Lisa Louise Cooke. Add Lisa to the list of US Rockstars already announced — Judy Russell and Blaine Bettinger.

The event is scheduled for 7-8 June 2019 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham which is where the late lamented WDYTYA? Live event most recently was held. It's a super convenient location for air and train travel.

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Sylvia said...

Thanks for passing on our exciting news. However, we do not have Dick Eastman but we do have Nathan Dylan Goodwin!