Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ontario Genealogical Society Finances

As a federally registered non-profit corporation the Ontario Genealogical Society provides an annual report, including finances, to the government.
At the end of 2017 OGS had total assets of $1,711,219 ($1,771,728, $1,730,483, $ 2,398,885 for 2016 back to 2014) and current liabilities of $226,778 ($252,635, $220,434, $253,590).
Total revenue was $702,238 ($701,406, $ 694,265, $557,053). The society had an unusually successful annual conference in Ottawa ($68K surplus).
Total expenditures were $744,150 ($709,792, $ 711,897, $626,736).
The initiative of a 50% reduction in membership dues for those bringing in a new member at the same reduced price must be counted as a success as there was only a 0.47% overall reduction in membership dues revenue.
A narrowing deficit for two years increased again in 2017. While large increases in some elements of expenditures demand the attention of the new OGS Board the large asset based means there is scope to continue to pursue investments to revitalize the society.

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