Friday, 22 June 2018

Findmypast adds Quaker (?) BMB Records for Wiltshire

This week Findmypast has a focus on Wiltshire Quaker records.

Wiltshire Parish Baptisms Index 1538-1917
Over 1,500 Quaker records added to the Wiltshire parish baptisms index with (usually) birth date, baptism date, parish and parents' names.

Wiltshire Parish Marriages Index 1538-1933
Over 261,000 new Wiltshire marriages records now available with a combination of birth year, marital status, residence, marriage date, whether married by banns or license, fathers name, spouse's details and the names of any witnesses. Many of these are sourced from Phillimore’s published marriage registers and are not Quakers—despite the incorrect information from Findmypast.

Wiltshire Parish Burials Index 1538-1991
Over 1,800 Quaker burials added to the Wiltshire parish burial index including year of birth, the date of death, the date of burial and location.

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