30 March 2009

Genealogy Canada at Gene-O-Rama

Elizabeth and Mario Lapointe, pictured with friend Evelyn Burke, at the Ottawa Branch OGS Gene-o-rama meeting on Saturday. Elizabeth was busy gathering material for her Genealogy Canada blog, for the OGS NewsLeaf and E-NewsLeaf and her writing for Ancestry.ca. Mario wields a mean camera -- this is by way of getting my own back!

I only got to one of the presentations, Friday evening's Pat Horton lecture by Bruce Curtis, although heard good reports on others. No doubt Elizabeth will have something to say on the presentations.

I was helping out in one or other of the computer rooms at different times. It's a thrill to help someone find information they've been seeking, especially when the search is successful.

Expect posts on news and new items I discovered at some of the vendors in coming days.

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