06 March 2009

TNA podcast - tracing Scottish ancestors

This podcast presentation by Audrey Collins describes the records held at The (UK) National Archives (TNA), some now available online through cooperative digitization projects, that may have information on Scottish ancestors.

For Scottish ancestors who served with the UK government, be it in the military (Army, Royal Navy, Air Force), merchant navy, coast guard or customs and excise, TNA is the place to look for their occupational records.

Also mentioned are PCC wills, non-parochial records, out-bound and in-bound passenger lists.

Prisoner records from the 1745 rebellion, maps and images are also covered.

Not mentioned, because they are not held at TNA, are records of the India Office and East India Company held at the British Library, and records for the Hudson's Bay Company (also at Library and Archives Canada) both of which recruited in Scotland.

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