02 March 2009

Ontario - Bill 149, Inactive Cemeteries Protection Act, 2009

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On the 19th February 2009, Bill 149, Inactive Cemeteries Protection Act, 2009 passed 1st Reading in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

The Bill was introduced by Mr. Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry,

The Bill prohibits the relocation of inactive cemeteries despite anything to the contrary in another Act or regulation dealing with cemeteries.

The preamble to the Act states that:

Ontario's cemeteries are unique repositories of human history and the resting places of human remains and associated artifacts like grave markers, tombstones and monuments. They are important elements of our collective heritage, a priceless authentic historical record of the past and witnesses to the continuity of life in Ontario. Many of Ontario's cemeteries also contain significant ecological features invaluable to the natural heritage of Ontario.

In order to support this valuable piece of legislation and help bring it in to force, we encourage OGS members to contact their local MPP and encourage them to support Bill 149 when it comes before the Legislative Assembly for its 2nd Reading on the 12th March 2009. You can contact them in person, by telephone or by electronic means. Tell them that this legislation is important to the heritage of Ontario and it is essential that it be passed so that our cemeteries are properly protected.

If you are unsure of how to contact your local MPP you can look at
MPP Addresses and Contact Information. If you need additional assistance, Find Your Electoral District will assist you in finding your local MPP.

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