04 March 2009

Genealogy in Time

It's a pleasure to welcome a new Ottawa participant to the online genealogy world.

Miles Whittingham, president of Missing Link Software Corporation, has recently opened his website Genealogy in Time containing genealogy news, articles and links.

Originally from Vancouver, Miles Whittingham has lived in Ottawa for 15 years. Working as a materials engineer, and more recently in finance, he got into genealogy several years ago following the death of his 102 year old grandmother.

Exploring the online world of genealogy he found lots of excellent websites but that it was difficult to find information that wasn't overwhelming. Miles says that Genealogy in Time and a weekly newsletter "coming soon" will not focus so much on breaking the latest news, Dick Eastman does that well, especially for US news, but take a more Canadian and international perspective. It will focus on insight, the how and why, rather than the what of the news.

The site went online in January and so far about half the visitors to the site have come through word of mouth, a quarter through Google searches and the rest through links. Miles says he's getting lots of positive feedback and welcomes more, especially news stories.

Thanks to Don Pounder for the lead.

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