05 March 2009

Nathalie Ceeney's LAC visit

Back last September Nathalie Ceeney, Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom National Archives (TNA), visited LAC. As a genealogist I welcome that. She has put genealogy front and centre at TNA; just look at the real estate devoted to genealogy on the TNA website front page, and then see how the profile at the LAC site pales by comparison. That's despite genealogists being the number one user at LAC.

Judging by the proactive disclosure for Ian Wilson, Nathalie Ceeney had a busy time.

Starting on Sunday September 14th the two of them had a business lunch at L'Orée du Bois in Chelsea -- $61.24.

On the 15th she had a lunch with 8 Government of Canada employees -- $302.46.

On the 16th 4 Government of Canada employees met with her and refreshments were served -- $22.26. A lunch was hosted by Assistant Deputy Minister Daniel J. Caron with 4 Government of Canada employees -- $100.31.

On the morning of the 17th she gave a presentation to 74 Government of Canada employees at which refreshments were served -- $336.68. Then she went to lunch with 4 Government of Canada employees -- $214.99. That evening there was dinner with 8 Government of Canada employees, a much more lavish affair than two days previous -- $1,020.73.

The 18th was the final day of her visit. There were refreshments with 4 Government of Canada employees -- $17.59. and a final lunch for two at the Jessicam (sic) Restaurant in Ottawa -- $22.60.

That's a total of just over $2,100 for hospitality.

Nathalie Ceeney spent four working days with LAC. In my view the hospitality expense was generous but appropriate. Still, it would be nice to know about the tangible benefits from Nathalie Ceeney's visit.

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