07 March 2009

Genetic genealogy frustration

Is this your experience? You get a a DNA test done and hope for matches. Perhaps like me you've got lots of matches, over 500 at 12 Y-DNA markers, but spread out all over the map. I have a greater percentage in Australia than anywhere else, and the second most in Portugal. Neither are places I expect to have paternal roots. No new matches at 25 or more markers have appeared in over a year.

Perhaps, like some BIFHSGO friends, you're a genetic outlier with no 12 marker matches.

It tries your patience.

So like the fisherman who catches nothing and thinks maybe there are no fish in the lake, it helps to see others get a bite.

That happened for genetic genealogy last weekend at the WDYTYA show in London, and was recorded by Roots Television. See it here.

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