23 December 2012

Balancing the budget on the back of community groups

It looks like the government wants to drive community organizations out of meeting at 395 Wellington in Ottawa. In addition to the increase in room rental cost at LAC, there is now a surprise additional fee to get access to wireless internet. The facility, operated by Public Works and Government Extortion Services Canada now charge $125 per meeting. If they worked in the building, not at all certain, a rocket/turbo stick would seem to be a better option.

Thanks to Mike More, OGS vice-president for the tip

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Mike More said...

It appears that Gene-O-Rama will be charged about $1000 for the use of the rooms in 2013, including a 15% administration fee. That's only 25% of the final rate in four years, which we cannot afford. We are still waiting to hear how much we will be charged for using microphones, the projector and the projection screens.