30 December 2012

Saint-John-at-Hampstead parish churchyard stories

The London Borough of Hampstead has a major conservation project for Camden's Hampstead Parish Churchyard which includes an online education resource and audio exploration of the stories of some of the people who are buried at Saint-John-at-Hampstead.

66 items are highlighted including overviews of the church and churchyard; most relate to individuals.

About two-thirds have associated recorded interviews with direct descendants and family members, as well as academics and experts. Those featured range from the famous,  painter John Constable, inventor John Harrison, to victim of a body snatching John Lloyd and rough sleeper Tom Sneddon.

"The Sound Trail is designed to add a new dimension to the written histories of this remarkable and picturesque place, whose original churchyard is the oldest surviving unspoiled churchyard in the centre of greater London. This was officially closed in 1878, but in 1812 an additional burial ground was created, now closed for burials.

Find this interesting site at http://gis.camden.gov.uk/geoserver/SoundTrail.html

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