20 December 2012

Free credits on Find My Past UK

The following is information from Montreal genealogist, and faithful reader of the blog, Gail Dever:

The UK version of Findmypast is offering 50 free credits, provided you use the promo code, SNOWFLAKE, before January 2. The credits are good for 90 days. No credit card information is required. They only request first and last name, email address, password, country and level of experience.

I signed up to determine if there is a difference between the UK version and the US version as far as the types of records they each offer. So far, the only difference I have seen is in the layout. Nevertheless, I continue to compare, hoping to find records that are new to me.

Now, if someone could offer a similar deal for the Irish version, I would be very happy.

Here is the link to the offer:


Thanks to Gail for the tip, a nice Christmas present from Find My Past.

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Cannuk said...

According to today's Lost Cousin newsletter, there is a difference between the UK and International versions of Find My Past. He says that there are 15% less UK databases on the International versions. I haven't checked but Peter says he has.