Sunday, 2 December 2012

For your seasonal gift list

Preparations for Christmas and other seasonable celebrations are underway. Shopping centre parking lots are becoming the "traditional" seasonal nightmare. People are shopping online in ever increasing numbers. It's time to post the annual Anglo-Celtic Connections list of best sellers from Global Genealogy.

Sandra Roberts tells me their very best seller this year has been the Flip Pal Scanner and Case.


For books this year's list has a focus on UK items.

No. 1 –Dictionary of Scottish Settlers to Canada before 1869. (Consistently a best seller)


No 2 – Tracing Your English Ancestors from 1066 to 1837


No. 3 – Tracing Your ancestors in the British West Indies by John Titford.


No. 4 – Cary’s Atlas on CDROM


No. 5 – John Grenham’s Tracing Irish Ancestors/4th Edition


No. 6 – Ulster Source Book


No. 7 – Lowlands of Scotland


No. 8 – Old County Maps of England 1836 ( on CDROM)


No. 9 – Tracing Your Family History on the Internet by Chris Paton


No. 10 - Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, A Guide for Family Historians, by Ian Maxwell

Sandra and Rick were also keen on "excellent materials" from Ian Maxwell and Chris Paton." For Ian Maxwell especially Tracing Your Irish Ancestors and Tracing your Northern Irish ancestors. For Chris Paton, his books on Scottish Church and Scottish Land Records are excellent as well."

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