30 December 2012

Yuletide R&R - Max Bygraves

Unashamed nostalgia. Max Bygraves, an all round entertainer of my childhood who died this past August. There are a video medley and anecdote at

Also a couple of popular kid-oriented audios here and here.

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Frank McGonigal said...

I think I first heard Max on the Ray Sonin radio show ,I started buying his records..LPs..and then Tapes..I still have them downstairs..I also recently bought a CD....Max was a regular at all our parties,especially at New Year ones.We had English and Scottish friends and we all had a great singalong ..I met Ray at the Ascot Inn one time,he was hosting there for a time..I introduced him to my sister in law and she got up and sang "Are You Lonesome Tonight" ..but it was the funny version..that started.."Are you Lonesome Tonight,is Your Brassiere too Tight"...she got a great hand for that.