20 February 2013

FTDNA trends

Are you a patient angler? In my DNA fishing expedition I keep waiting to catch the "big one." Of my eight 37 marker Y-DNA matches none is closer than 3 steps removed or has a date more recent than September 2011. I wondered if Family Tree DNA has seen a falling off of clients.
I'd not checked the report for 12 marker matched and find I'm continuing to catch lots of minnows. Of my 12 marker matches 32 are from 2013, 161 from 2012, 127 from 2011, 108 from 2010, 113 from 2009 and 101 from 2008.
Thankfully we don't have to pay an entry fee (subscription) to stay in the game.

1 comment:

Frank said...

Well I have one at step 0 ,and one at 1 for y37..
One at 1 step for y67...so it's been fairly successful for me...the one at 0 is a bunch of McGonigals in Arnprior.