01 February 2013

Ottawa, Canada, the great, cheap power city illustrated

The Internet Archive just added this 62 page promotional booklet from 1912 published by the Publicity and Industrial Bureau of the city of Ottawa. It's taken from the CIHM collection at Canadiana.org.

The cover boasts "the cheap power city", "more power than Niagara" and population for Ottawa and suburbs combined of 128,000.
 It highlights the city's advantages:
Cheapest Power.
Raw Materials Convenient.
Splendid Industrial Sites.
Advantageous Freight Rates.
Rail and Water Transportation.
Comparative Low Cost of Living.
Most Favourable Labor Conditions.
Population of 4,127,000 Living within 300 miles.
Direct and Quickest Haul to Western Markets.
Read about "the Convention City" and "the World's Most Beautiful Capital" that "Holds annually the greatest ICE horse meet in the world" and even 101 years ago lists the Archives as a point of interest, at: http://bit.ly/WAZXqa

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