14 February 2013

Giving a Soldier His Name

It's refreshing to find a responsive organization, so kudos to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
On January 14 under the heading Their Initials Liveth For Evermore I blogged about correspondence I had with the CWGC attempting to restore the name in place of initials in their online database for Alfred Stanley Wright. I'd provided a copy of the burial record from Deceased Online unambiguously identifying the name of the person buried in the grave given in the CWGC record. On being informed they also needed a birth certificate I wrote questioning the need and asking for a review of the requirements.
Today, much sooner than I'd expected, I received an email stating that "following review of the case after receiving confirmation from outside sources, and also taking into account the documentation you have already provided, we will add the casualty's full names - Alfred Stanley - to our records."
The email indicated that there will be a delay in making the change online "due to ongoing technical difficulties with our master database."

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