10 February 2013

Productivity Hint: Snipping Tool

The most convenient way to capture all or part of your computer screen in Windows 7 is to use the built in Snipping Tool. It will easily capture all or part of your screen no matter what the format.

It's described in this YouTube video in 77 seconds.

If Snipping Tool doesn't show up in your list of programs open up Start at the bottom left of the screen, enter snip and click on Snipping Tools when it appears under Programs.


Lynda W said...

Thank you John. That will be very useful.

Alison L said...

Copying Apple again - my several year old Mac has a similar feature and it's very useful.

And with a Mac, it's very easy to 'print' the file to a PDF.

Pierce said...

On Windows, press the Print Screen button to copy the entire screen to the "clipboard" (effectively a hunk of memory somewhere on your computer), or press Alt-Print Screen to just copy the current active window. Then paste (Ctr-V) the contents of the clipboard into an appropriate image editing program.

I use the free Irfanview program, which has a simple cropping capability to select the part of the image I want. I can then save the image in a wide range file types or do other editing of the image. I can even capture a screen shot of a video that is changing too fast to use the snipping tool.

Denis Bourque said...

For Mac users, the tool is called Grab, found in the Utilities folder. I've used it for year.