26 February 2013

Only in the US

In a press release from Ancestry.com "AncestryDNA Test Provides An Affordable, Easy Way to Learn About Your Past and Family" we learn that "Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online family history resource, today announced the public availability of its AncestryDNA test to U.S. residents."
Ancestry continues to hype their test and confuse clients with statements such as "Whereas older consumer DNA tests utilized only 46 DNA markers, this new test analyzes more than 700,000 DNA marker locations and cross-references them with its one-of-a-kind comprehensive worldwide catalogue of DNA samples." The former refers to a Y-DNA test of STRs, the latter to SNPs from across the DNA.
AncestryDNA still does not release raw results to clients, offers 200,000 fewer markers than 23andMe with less sophisticated analysis, and at twice the cost for Ancestry non-subscribers.
And only available to US residents.

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