27 February 2013

Not Wanted

It used to be that using the smaller rooms in the Library and Archives Canada building was free to community group with a purpose related to that organization's mandate. Then Public Works and Government Services Canada took over. The “advertised” price for a meeting room is $25.
add $125 for Internet access
add $250 for a staff member to supervise
add $60 administrative fee
TOTAL $460
And add HST
The message could not be clearer.
That's how it is in Harper's Canada.
I'm now informed that if the meeting is less than two hours the cost would "only" be $375.84 including tax.


Lynne said...

Disgusting, dog in the manger attitude. They would rather have the rooms empty. They are certainly not going to use them themselves from what I have seen. Very sad.

Mike More said...

I wonder if Stephen treats his Calgary constituents as poorly as he does those of us "Eastern b*******" who live in the nation's capital. None of his Ottawa MPs seem to care either.

Pearson James said...

On the other hand, why should the taxpayers of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan or Abbotsford, British Columbia pay for the meeting space of those who happen to be lucky enough to live within hailing distance of LAC?

Again, enough with the ideological nonsense and name-calling. Perhaps interested parties will eventually get over the poor me attitudes and put their minds to coming up with alternative ways for funding their favorite programs.

JDR said...

I guess I missed your protest of the funding for a recreation centre in Antogonish last October. Local genealogical societies have a long history of helping LAC fulfill its mandate through, for example, work on home children. Unfortunately the basis of that cooperation is being under minded by short sighted federal penny pinching.

Mike More said...

As John pointed out, the rate quoted for the room, obtained through my MP as PWGSC does not make it readily available, is:

Room 154: $25.00 / Room rental fee

Seems reasonable to me, until you get to the other fees that are tacked on and the final cost will be $375. If the folks in the rest of the county have to pay that amount for a small meeting room, I guess we should not complain and just let the space go vacant.