25 March 2013

Canadian Newspapers at Newspapers.com

Newspapers.com is a part of the Ancestry.com stable of companies which started operation in the latter part of 2012. Speaking to the staff at their stand at RootsTech I learned they expect to start including Canadian newspapers next month. First up will be papers from Manitoba, Winnipeg and Brandon, and the Toronto Star. Others will follow with perhaps an early emphasis on western Canadian papers.
Check out the site as they also have a small collection of British papers including The Times.
I'm told if you register on the site, it's free, you see more information after a free search than without.

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Terry Murray said...

I signed up for the one-week free trial of newspapers.com and wondered where the Canadian papers were. Now I know - thanks for the info. (I'll have to check your blog regularly, now that I know about it.)

My only other complaint is that the search function is quite limited. Any thoughts on that, John?