28 March 2013

Deceasedonline.com completes Manor Park dataset

With the addition of another 160,000 records for the period 25th March 1875 to 15th December 1898 the deceasedonline.com database for Manor Park Cemetery, Newham, East London is now complete. In total 430,000 burial and cremation records are now available.
Commenting on the recent additions the company writes:

"What is both interesting and tragic is the sheer number of interments during this 25 year period due to a combination the teeming population of and the high infant mortality rate in 19th Century East End of London." 
My Reid great-great-grandparents whose final resting places I've been seeking for many years are among them.

The cemetery looks sadly run down in this slideshow.

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Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a run down East London cemetery, try Abney Park Cemetery, where many famous non-conformists, and some of my ancestors are buried. A grave search may require a shovel and hatchet!