19 March 2013

Holding James Moore Accountable

Notice has now appeared on the parliamentary website that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage will have a hearing starting at 3:30 pm on Wednesday 20 March with James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage, as witness. The notice of meeting, which is on Estimates, is here

The hearing is in Room 253-D of the Centre Block and is scheduled to be televised online. Try http://goo.gl/bJUWN for a link.

As in Minister Moore's previous appearances Daniel Caron is not listed as in attendance with the Minister, another indication of the Minister's tactic of washing his hands of LAC matters. The Library and Archives Canada Act states that the organization is "presided over by the Minister." A fundamental of parliamentary democracy is that each and every government organization has a Minister accountable to parliament. Its highly likely LAC matters will be raised at the session; why would the Minister not at least have Caron in attendance, just as he is supported by two others from the Department of Canadian Heritage?

It's poor timing; I'll be travelling to RootsTech at the time so unable to follow the proceedings.

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