10 March 2013

Gutting LAC from the Inside

The Toronto Star has an article Historical letters not wanted at Library and Archives Canada by news reporter Joseph Hall which rehearses much of what is well known about the sad state of affairs at Library and Archives Canada.
New to me was:

Caron admits, however, that the experts needed for this web-based archiving have not yet been hired. And he does not know when they will be.
“These competencies honestly are not easy to find on the market,” he says.
Having deliberately led the organization to its current state of demoralization it's hardly surprising few would want to join such an organization.

In the next few weeks MPs will have the opportunity to question Heritage Minister James Moore and Daniel Caron in hearings on Main Estimates. Will members of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage hold them and the Harper government to account for their negligence in pursuing the objectives in the Library and Archives Canada Act, namely:
(a) to acquire and preserve the documentary heritage;
(b) to make that heritage known to Canadians and to anyone with an interest in Canada and to facilitate access to it;
(c) to be the permanent repository of publications of the Government of Canada and of government and ministerial records that are of historical or archival value;
(d) to facilitate the management of information by government institutions;
(e) to coordinate the library services of government institutions; and
(f) to support the development of the library and archival communities.


Old Census Scribe said...

If Caron consideres future employees to be nothing but "competencies", no wonder he can't get the staff. Maybe he should consider employing human beings.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) seems to be in such a sad, sad state of affairs. We should all be speaking again with our M.P.s as soon as possible before the Estimstes hearings.