09 March 2013

WDYTYA? Live and London Retrospective

Elizabeth Kipp posted a detailed report on her and husband Ed's experiences at the recent Who Do You Think You Are Live? event at London Olympia and their other London stops at http://kippeeb.blogspot.ca/2013/03/wdytya-who-do-you-think-you-are-2013.html
The event is so big everyone had different perspectives, and most people enjoy it enough to want to go back - and not just for the sausages on a bun. I understand the event is booked for next year and some Canadian thought going into enhanced presence.
There's a rumour of a similar event next year at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.


Anonymous said...

There are smaller venues but equally as interesting around Britain. One large one is in York at the racetrack. There is also one in Newcastle upon Tyne too. The one in London is the largest but perhaps a bit hectic to see it all and a distance for some of us Canadians on this side of the pond.

Elizabeth Kipp said...

Oh John that is rather interesting that there could be an event in Birmingham. I am very keen to go there and have a look around. My grandmother Ellen Rosina Buller was born in Birmingham in 1886 and emigrated to Canada in 1908. Her mother is my mystery person. From family lore she appears to belong to the family of Thomas Taylor and Ellen Roberts who were married at Saint Martin, Birmingham, 29 Jun 1857. My mtDNA results intimate that she is of Scot ancestry (Argyllshire/Ayrshire area). An opportunity to be in Birmingham for a few days would be quite amazing!

Elizabeth Kipp said...

One thing you might want to consider if you are going to spend long hours looking at original documents at Kew. Both my husband and I have low dust tolerance and we thought we might be getting colds after our two days at Kew but actually it was just allergies. Our long walks in the cold moist air were likely helpful and we greatly enjoyed walking around the City of London and Westminster once again. Consequently if you do find dust a problem you might consider wearing a mask. There was at least one person doing so when we were there.