28 November 2013

British Dialect Glossaries

On the search for the word "houdge" found in an inventory in Sussex I've been checking out dialect glossaries and dictionaries available on the Internet Archive. Here are some which regrettably didn't help with this search;

The English dialect dictionary, being the complete vocabulary of all dialect words still in use, or known to have been in use during the last two hundred years; (1898)

Vol 1 (A-C) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi01wrig
Vol 2 (D-G) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi02wrig
Vol 3 (H-L) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi03wrig
Vol 4 (M-Q) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi04wrig
Vol 5 (R-S) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi05wrig
Vol 6 (T-Z) - https://archive.org/details/englishdialectdi06wrig

A Scot's dialect dictionary, comprising the words in use from the latter part of the seventeenth century to the present day (1911)

Also several more local publications:


Judy Webster said...

My eyes lit up with delight when I saw this post - but sadly, the link for 'Cleveland, Yorkshire' does not work.

JDR said...

Judy: Try https://archive.org/details/aglossaryclevel01atkigoog