15 November 2013

Closing 'British & Irish Genealogy Blog'

I was sorry to learn yesterday that Mick Southwick is closing his 'British & Irish Genealogy Blog' . It started in January 2011 and has been posted regularly twice a week. As Mick writes, its all a bit sudden, but life moves on.

One of his parting gifts is a list of the sources he has used in compiling his blog. Its worth reproducing:

The British GENES Blog;
Irish Genealogy News;
Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections;
DeceasedOnline Blog;
Scottish Genealogy Tips, Tricks & Tidbits;
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter;
The National Archives news, etc., page;
The National Archives Blog;
The National Archives Podcasts;
BBC HistoryExtra website;
Society of Genealogists news page;
National Library of Scotland news page;
National Library of Wales Blog;
National Library of Ireland Blog and their news page;
The Family Recorder Blog;
FindMyPast.co.uk Blog;
FindMyPast Ireland Blog;
Ancestry.co.uk Blog;
MyHeritage Blog;
British Library's 'Press & Policy' news;
And always a good read: Abroad in the Yard blog;
Also, check out the e-newsletters from these folk: Lost Cousins, IHGS, FFHS and S&N Genealogy Supplies;
Plus, upcoming genealogy events, book fairs and postcard fairs
Usually, you can keep up-to-date with these blogs/websites by taking up their 'feeds' via someone like feedly.com. Give it a try - it's quite easy to set up.
Mick intends keeping his Twitter feed going at http://twitter.com/HistoryMick.

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