16 November 2013

TNA podcast: Death and taxes: understanding the death duty registers

Dave Annal, in this talk presented on 3 October, concludes that "death duty registers are difficult to use, but that's no excuse not to try."

This is an example of a talk that really needs the visuals for listeners to get full benefit. It isn't encouraging to hear:

"the confusing thing is, when you're looking at the second entry, this line here is that information, but you have to go back up to the top heading to understand what each of these sections means - you see what I mean here - its quite difficult." 
Find the podcast at http://media.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php/death-taxes-understanding-death-duty-registers/

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Carolyn Lumsden said...

What upsets me about that is all the things I look at on line that have no heads as they haven't been filmed.