15 November 2013

England and Wales Quaker BMDs from Ancestry

Ancestry have digitized and indexed records from The (UK) National Archives in RG6 , General Register Office: Society of Friends' Registers, Notes and Certificates of Births, Marriages and Burials. Records of the General Register Office, Government Social Survey Department, and Office of Population Censuses and Surveys.

These records include 234,598 births, 92,667 marriages, 18,834 deaths and, 239,919 burials starting in 1578 all the way up to the start of civil registration in 1837, with a few later entries.

The records are so early, you're fortunate if any relate to your family. There were already 3,905 events recorded in 1580, that grew to 9,132 in 1680, then declined and steadied off to around 8,000 annually in the 18th century.

The geographic distribution of events was widespread. Using exact geographical specification, which likely misses many entries, there were 5,240 in Cornwall, 16,401 in Cumberland, 8,206 in Lancashire, 2,420 in Leicestershire, 19,951 in London, 17,004 in Norfolk, 1,694 in Sussex, 7,653 in Warwickshire, 39,330 in Yorkshire.

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