19 November 2013

Celebrating tiny little Irish sources

John Genham's most recent Irish Roots column for the Irish Times points to the
Flyleaf Press and their tiny little sources. The tiny little sources posted on the Flyleaf Press blog are:
Tarbert (Co. Kerry) schoolchildren 1809
Labourers in Shanagolden area 1808.
Tenants of Quansbury Estate (Galway) 1777-78.
Labourers in Kilcavan Parish, Wexford 1850.
Tenants on Ram Estate, Gorey, Co. Wexford in 1826
Tenants of John’s Hill, Waterford 1831-40
Kerry Petitioners 1828
Carlow Tenants of the Knight of Kerry 1856
The last is labelled number nine, but count those above and you'll only find eight. The number one seems to have been aged off. If any of the above look to be of interest better hop to it or they may age off too.

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