19 November 2013

The Almonte Gazette – Online

Those with roots in the Ottawa Valley have a new resource, the Almonte Gazette now searchable online from 1861-1989.
The availability is thanks to cooperation between the  Mississippi Valley Textile Museum which organized the digitization/indexing and the Almonte Public Library which had previously imaged the town’s newspaper.
Like many local papers the Almonte Gazette is a rich source for social information as well as births, deaths and marriages within the area.
I advise reading the search instructions. My experience is that the search times out if too wide a range of years is included or only some of the results are returned.


Thanks to Prof Bruce Elliott for the tip

As newspaper researchers know, one of the dangers is becoming distracted. In a 20 April 1883 issue I came across this item. It is perennially popular http://youtu.be/W7x1ETPkZsk
Wikipedia informs that the item was already 60 years old going back to the 1820s.

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Linda Gloss said...

Many thanks to you, and Bruce, for this lead. Have found my great grandfather pleading guilty to operating an illicit still and sentenced to a month in gaol and a fine of $100 - November 1889. Gives credence to the family references.