05 June 2015

Ancestry adds Surrey Mental Hospital Admission and Prisoner Records

Will you find relatives in the 25,846 records in Surrey, England, Mental Hospital Admissions, 1867-1900 in the 11,670 records in Surrey, England, Calendar of Prisoners, 1848-1902?

The mental hospital record I checked spread over two pages, handwritten, and included date of previous admission, date of admission. name, sax, age, marital status, occupation and religion, abode, responsible authority, medical disorder, cause of insanity, date of discharge and other information.

The calendar of prisoners I viewed was a printed record. Look for prisoner’s name and age, occupation, name of the accuser, crime committed and some details about it (e.g., in cases of theft, what was stolen, etc.), trial date, warrant date, date committed to custody, magistrate, verdict, sentence, previous convictions.

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