29 June 2015

OGS Ottawa Branch AGM

On Saturday afternoon Chair Doug Grey got through the agenda of the OGS Ottawa Branch AGM in under 20 minutes - admirable.

Despite a major loss suffered on Gene-O-Rama in 2014, due to a major snowstorm on the day, and a 9% reduction in membership fee revenue, the Branch came in with a less than $1,000 loss for the year.

The Branch was able to fill all board positions for the coming year. A new editor for The Ottawa Genealogist is needed for January when Ed Kipp steps down.

Gene-O-Rama 2016 is scheduled for 1-2 April.

The AGM was followed by an excellent Home Children presentation by Gloria Tubman.

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Mike More said...

And it was all webcast to four of our members out in the ether.