14 June 2015


Want to know about the awards given at the British Isles Family History Society of Greater  Ottawa Annual General Meeting.  I'll nor reinvent the wheel, check out some in the report on the society Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/British-Isles-Family-History-Society-of-Greater-Ottawa/149788348437126/.
At the end of my Great Moments presentation I was asked to post a link to the YouTube video which showed the progress through Australia of captives released from German raiders in the Pacific. My father, an Engineer on the Rangitane, was among them. The whole story is told in The Rangitane Riddle.

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Gail Roger said...

All the Great Moments were informative. I particularly enjoyed the clarity and sequencing of your story - to say nothing of the happy ending! Am learning how to put music clips into PowerPoint (future audiences will be spared my singing), and would love to learn how to include a video clip such as yours. It really added detail and atmosphere.