14 June 2015

Derbyshire Record Office Blog

A surprising number of genealogists I know have interests in Derbyshire. They should know of the Derbyshire Record Office Blog which has frequent posts of interest to researchers of the county, and some of wider appeal. There have been ten posts already in June.
As a former meteorologist I was interested to read A volcanic eruption leads to Derbyshire rebellion about the Year Without a Summer.
Christine Jackson drew my attention to the blog post More on lead-mining which starts "Last month, we heard from a researcher based in Ottawa, Canada, who had decided to get in touch after seeing the video post about the Gregory Mine Reckoning Book. She was hoping we could answer a question about another source that has historical information on the lead industry .."
This was part of Christine's research into the Cowley family, another article on which is keeping her occupied this month. Who would ever guess research on an Ottawa street would lead to enlightenment on lead mining in England!

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