11 June 2015

More on AncestryDNA in Canada

Now that the AncestryDNA test is sold in Canada we have the Canadian price, $149, presently $122 US. There's also a $19.99 Cdn shipping charge so the effective price is $169 Cdn. Prices ending in 9 have marketing appeal.

As blogged at the end of May, in Australia the test costs $149AUS ($114 US), in the UK it's £99 ($152 US) and in the US $99. Shipping is added. In Canada we pay more than in the US or Australia, but substantially less than in the UK. For most Canadians if you want to test with AncestryDNA the difference isn't enough to make it economic to drive to and across the border to pick up a package from a service site, such as the UPS Store.

How about the competitive tests?

23andMe charge $199 Canadian. That test also includes a lot of health-related information which you won't get from either of the competitors, although there are indications Ancestry wants to enter that market. Although their database is larger than Family Tree DNA's many of 23andMe's clients aren't interested or don't know much about their ancestry; their effective database size for genealogy is significantly smaller. The analysis tools are quite extensive including a chromosome browser.

Family Tree DNA charges $99 US which is $121 Canadian. They have the smallest database but likely the most knowledgeable and involved genealogy user community. FTDNA also has extensive analysis tools and a chromosome browser. They also offer to include test results from other companies in their database, there are some limitations depending on the company and dates when you tested. The transfer is free but you pay to unlock your matches.

Unless you're interested in the health information 23andMe has priced itself out of the market.

There's small print you need to be aware of with AncestryDNA.

"Users of the AncestryDNA Website may be unregistered visitors or paying members. The different payment options and services offered will be published on the AncestryDNA Website or at the time a DNA Test or other service is offered."
What that means at present is you can see ethnicity and match information for no additional charge and contact matches through Ancestry. You will not be able to view trees posted by matches unless you subscribe.

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