28 June 2015

Your Genealogy Today: July/August 2015 issue

When I started out reading this issue it seemed there'd be nothing much for me -- all US genealogy.  Up until page 39 there's just one page, on DNA & Genealogy which appealed.

Here's that part of the table of contents:

Historic Amusement Parks: Your Family & America’s Playgrounds
Sandy Hack looks at how vacation photos and clippings can add color to your family history research

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard asks: In an ever-changing DNA world, is mtDNA testing still an important tool for family historians?

What the Widow Got
George G. Morgan looks at how your female ancestor may have been affected by property laws

Beginning Your World War II Research
Jennifer Holik explores the offline resources for researching your WWII military ancesto

Book Reviews
Lisa A. Alzo reviews two books by Jennifer Holik: The Tiger’s Widow, and Stories from the Battlefield

Finding Grandad at the Canal!
Isabelle Kettner Addis explores her grandfather's contribution to building the Panama Canal through Internet searches and family lore

Two articles from regular contributor David Norris helped save the issue for me.

The Unwritten Records of Pens and Pencils
David A. Norris jots down some thoughts about writing instruments that may have contributed to family history

Bringing Foreign Letters and Symbols Into Your Writing
David A. Norris offers tips for adding that little extra to your documents

This four page article gave a surprising number of options for inserting non-English alphabet characters into texts including my favourite, which he calls a stopgap measure of cutting and pasting for an existing document which I find using a Google search.

Additional articles are:

Advice from the Pros
Amanda Epperson reveals 10 ways to improve client reports

Research Trip 10
Carol Richey collects some valuable tips from key staff at the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library

Genealogy Tourism
Christine Woodcock examines the resources available to genealogists interested in researching their roots in Scotland

The Back Page
Dave Obee questions the future of genealogy on television after Ben Affleck

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