Monday, 5 April 2010

Great Western Railway Shareholders Index complete on

The following is an announcement from

"You can now find the complete Great Western Railway Shareholders Index 1835-1932 on

This is not an index of railway staff, but of shareholders in the railway.

The index lists names, dates, places and the event or role of the person listed. Some people appear on two or more occasions, for instance those solicitors who acted as professional executors to estates.

A record is an entry for an individual in the database, including not just shareholders but executors, beneficiaries and others involved in the transfer of shareholdings. An event is a disposal of a shareholder under a will or an intestacy following death, or otherwise than by simple sale during the lifetime of the shareholder.

The number of events, records and individuals in the index are:

Number of events Number of
Approximate number
of individuals
153,569 570,464 440,000

These records have been provided by the Society of Genealogists."

Note: The original GWR images are expected to be added by the end of April 2010.

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