Friday, 16 April 2010

LAC, the poor cousin

A 15 April press release announces a one-time injection of $15 million to the National Museums in Ottawa. It contains the following quotes:

"Our Government believes in our national museums and their tremendous value for Canadians," said Minister Moore. "We want to ensure that Canadians and tourists alike have access to our rich, diverse, and fascinating heritage."

"Our national museums are institutions that are cherished by Canadians and that play a major economic role in our tourism sector," said Minister Baird.

Notably absent from the list of recepients of the government largess, otherwise our tax money, is Library and Archives Canada. What it is the Ministers believe about LAC that means it doesn't merit similar additional funding?

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Anonymous said...

We can all write our MP about this issue. John Baird is descended from a Carleton County pioneer family and is my MP.

Anne S.