Monday, 19 April 2010

WW1 Canadian War Graves in the UK

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission files list 3885 Great War Canadians buried or commemorated across the United Kingdom in 834 different locations.

As the centennial of the outbreak of WW1 approaches a project is underway to record all existing graves across the United Kingdom as a tribute to all those Canadian men and women who flocked to Britain to fight for the “Mother Country”.

The project is developing a profile on every individual soldier, sailor or nurse, drawing on research sources in both Britain and Canada. This includes the cause and place of death, along with the UK death certificate number. Each grave is being visited and photographed by the authors. Inscriptions on the headstones have been recorded. Last known family addresses and locations are included where available.

The project website at includes a listing of the men with surname, first name, and location of burial, often just county, within the UK. More detailed information is on CD which can be ordered through the site. At present CDs for Kent are available with Sussex scheduled for the end of the year. The other counties with a large number of burials, Hampshire and Surrey, are scheduled for the end of 2011.

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