Friday, 30 April 2010

Family history delight

You've probably read about, if not experienced, companies that delight their customers by providing service beyond expectations. The first company I read it about was Nordstrom's, the US clothing retailer.

I felt the same way when I went to my mailbox and found the new, May-June 2010, issue of Family Chronicle. Tucked in the package was a CD. I'm accustomed to finding CDs attached to genealogy magazines from the UK, although it's not done as much as once upon a time. I think this is a first for Family Chronicle.

Family Tree Builder is the software on the CD. It's not a product I'd heard of before. There's a four page review in the magazine by Tony Bandy, one of Moorshead magazines' frequent contributors. While the review is quite favourable there's a big overhead in changing software, one I'm not ready to embark on now. I do appreciate having the option.

See a list of the other contents of this Family Chronicle issue at Elizabeth Lapointe's article Learning From Experience based on an interview with Glenn Wright was another delight in this issue.

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