Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ottawa Sharpshooter anniversary, and the census

On this day 125 years ago the officers and men of the Ottawa Company of Sharpshooters were on their way west to help suppress the Northwest Rebellion. The entry from A. H. Todd's diary (company commander) for the day read:

1 April 1885
Arrived at Sudbury at 6 o’clock. Men had their breakfast. One ½ Coy from one Mr Cormie, the other ½ from me. At 1.20 arrived at Biscotasing. Men had dinner (413 miles from Ottawa) from Messrs Brown and Leach. Drilled at squad drill for an hour. Then took men out for rifle practise at
mark on the lake. Men fired well (5 rounds each). Took dinner with Mr H. Abbott general manager. 1st hearty meal had eaten since Sunday. Mr Duncan MacPherson Div Engineer CPR Office 107 St James St Montreal has treated us officers Lts Gray, Todd and me handsomely, giving us use of his car, meals etc. Train to leave during the night.

1 April was the birthday of Leicestershire-born Staff Sgt Frank Newby, born in 1851, just a day too late to be included in the 1851 census.

To my US friends, be sure you're counted in your 2010 census today.

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