Friday, 9 April 2010

Ancestry adds Perthshire School Registers of Admission and Withdrawals

Another product of the Ancestry World Archives Project, this collection consists of the registers of admission, progress, and withdrawal of students that were admitted and then withdrawn from school covering the years 1869-1902. As a volunteer project there is a free index.

"The records include the date of admission to the school, the name, date of birth of the child, name and address of parent or guardian, last school attended, date and reason for leaving. It was the responsibility of the Head Teacher to keep these records and update them on a weekly basis. However, not all records are complete and they sometimes omitted to fill in all the columns, especially the reason for leaving. Most of these registers cover schools that have since closed."

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MerRhosyn said...

Thanks for the update. I was waiting for these to come out. I was able to find my great great grandmother (Jessie Cattanach) and all of her siblings. My lucky day.