Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mug shots and photo analysis

I've been rereading Colleen Fitzpatrick's book The Dead Horse Investigation: forensic photo analysis for everyone. Coincidentally an item in the new issue of the Lost Cousins newsletter, at refers to top websites for dating UK photographs, taken from an article in Who Do You Think You Are? magazine. They are:

(1) Victorian & Edwardian photographs has an enormous collection of photographs that you can compare against your own

(2) PhotoLondon has a database of 9000 photographers who worked in the London area, with short biographical notes that will help you date the photographs they took.

(3) Early Photographers has a dating calculator for postcards and cartes de visite

(4) Great War Forum would be useful if you have a photograph of your ancestor in uniform

(5) Wedding Fashion has photographs of wedding dresses from the Victorian era onwards

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