Monday, 26 April 2010

Is LAC frozen in 2009?

In December 2009 LAC posted Pathfinder documents on its website. Billed as initial reports for eight research projects in development in the various sectors of the organization they were a small step in its modernization initiative.

At that time LAC announced it was "presently organizing a series of consultation sessions with key stakeholders and other interested parties."

It's now four months later and LAC have nothing to report. If "LAC is committed to open discussions and transparency", where's the beef? What's open about a request for comments where there is not at least an option to display those comments publicly?

At the same time while digitization is supposedly a key initiative for LAC precious little newly digitized content is appearing on the website.

It used to be that a Google search for "miserable failure" found George Bush as the first hit. A year into the term of the present Librarian and Archivist of Canada is that a distinction for which LAC is vying?

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Anonymous said...

My recent contact with LAC on the premises itself suggests that there are new people who are just being trained. The photography dept. located in Gatineau has had at least one expert retire recently who could have helped me. Is there a personnel problem due to retirements or have there been cutbacks as well? I wonder. The previous website was frustrating-I will wait until I go to LAC to try the new one with the assistance of a librarian.